When people think of vacations, they are often considering places that are unique in some way. That’s why people go to states like Hawaii, New York, or California. Although there are many incredible things that you can do in the state of Nevada, many people don’t think about a vacation there except to go to Las Vegas. Fortunately, there are many other things that you can do in Nevada which have nothing to do with casinos. These are a few of the many wonderful things that you will get to experience.

Why Would You Want To Visit Nevada?

Nevada is a state that is a gateway to many others. For example, if you want to go into California, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon and even Utah, you will be able to get to these other states very easily. It is a dry place, one that is not known for towering mountains, with the exception of the Sierra Nevada’s on the Western part of the state. One of the first places you should go is a place called Reno.

Visit Reno

Reno Nevada is a city that is in the northern portion of the state. It can be accessed via Highway 80, Highway 70, or Highway 395. It has many casinos, and it also has a river running through the middle of the city. You can do kayaking, hiking, and many outdoor activities. It’s also a great place to stay if you’re going to visit other locations such as Carson City, Virginia City, or Gerlach Nevada. It can get very cold there during the winter, and hot during the summer, so try to plan your trip during the spring and fall the possible.

Visit Winnemucca

If you had further north from Reno, going up Highway 80, you are going to pass through Winnemucca. There are a couple things you can see including the Humboldt Museum, the visitor center, and the C Horse Ranch. There is also a geologic formation called the Winnemucca sand dunes which is also very popular. These are just a few of the things you can do in this city in Nevada that many people have never been to.

Nevada does have a lot to offer in terms of beautiful landscapes, sunsets, and even places where you can find gold. It’s a destination that should be on your list. You should give yourself several weeks to experience everything that it has to offer, and that may also include Las Vegas. It’s really a nice state, one that has many beneficial aspects that you will come to respect the more times that you visit.

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